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Tips to choose a Bateau neckline – wedding gown planning

Wedding DressesBateau neck was never out of any fashion trends and is also another all time favorite among women. Because this neckline style adds the touch of class to your vintage wedding gown.

This shape gently follows the curve of the collarbone, almost to the tip of the shoulders and it cuts straight across from shoulder to shoulder so less of the decolletage shows. If you have a long neck, narrow face, small chest or sloped shoulders, a high neckline — one that rests on or very near the collarbone — is your best bet.

They are particularly well suited to women who have a narrow face shape and or small breasts, because they visually add the appearance of width. Bateau neckline draw the eye out to your shoulders so you appear more balanced and proportioned. It can be paired with sleeves or a sleeveless style wedding dresses. If you have a square or round face, or large breasts then this style will not be a flattering choice. This neckline does not allow you much to flatter your assets and that is why it is a safe bet for women who are always on the move.

Remember this is your wedding day. Wear whatever makes you comfortable and feels like you. And have fun shopping for your inexpensive wedding dresses.

How to choose a strapless neckline dress

strapless beach wedding dress The neckline is a very influential aspect for your look in your custom made wedding dresses, because it frames your face. It will appear in a large number of your photos and will be the focus when you are seated at the reception. It is important that it flatters your body and face shape. In the last two decades the strapless beach wedding dress has been a very popular choice.

The strapless neckline is a popular choice with busty brides, and it looks wonderful when paired with either a sweetheart or straight-across square bodice. Strapless clothing may be on every rack in every store, but stylists agree it’s a hard look to pull off — unless you’ve got flawless proportions and a yoga bod like Jennifer Aniston. A strapless cut can make top-heavy women spill out, and tall, thin women look giraffe-like. The silhouette may, however, be a boon to petite women, helping them look taller.

Since neckline shapes are so important, know your self well and choose the most suitable vintage wedding gowns for your big day!

How to choose a halter neckline – wedding gown planning

custom design wedding dressesThe collarbone and decollete region is one of the most alluring parts of any woman. So choose your casual wedding dresses for the beach with a suited neckline shape is really necessary. As one of the classic neckline styles, the halter consists of two triangular points of fabric that rise along the chest and join in some fashion at the back of the neck.

Whatever size you are, a halter will flatter your figure. It gives support and lift to a big bust. If the halter has a built-in bra, it can create curves where there are none, which is why you see a lot of halter-style bathing suits and ivory wedding dresses. This is generally a good style for moderately-sized to small-busted women, with toned arms and an evenly proportioned neck and head. Overweight women or women with broad shoulders should avoid this style of neckline because it will only over-emphasize their larger proportions. If your arms or shoulders are your trouble spot, please be advised topping the halter with a fitted jacket. If you have small shoulders and bigger hips, you are best to stay clear of halter neck styles, because they will only play up this difference further.

Keep this knowledge in mind, and be an advisable bride-to-be when purchasing your custom design wedding dresses.

How to choose a scoop neckline – wedding dress planning

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When it comes to choosing an inexpensive wedding dress, discount bridesmaid dress or cheap mother of the bride dress, it’s the neckline that is likely to make all the difference between a look that flatters your figure and one that accentuates your less-than-perfect parts. As one of the eternally classic neckline, a scoop neckline looks good on everyone and goes with almost all garments.

A scoop neckline, a U-shaped neckline, is also called a round neckline, which is sure to dazzle your attire, and it can be cut low, and quite often the scoop will continue on the back of the vintage wedding dress. The scoop neck is characterized by its wide opening and full-curving dip down the chest. It is a good choice for heavier builds and wide faces because it helps to keep the upper torso looking proportionate. If you have a large bust, or round face, then it’s best to choose a lower scoop neck. It even works for small busted women, as the curved neckline gives an illusion of chest. If you have a smaller bust, or a more narrow face, a higher scoop neck will be more flattering. However, women with long slim necks and narrow faces should avoid scoop necks because it will cause them to appear sticklike and gangly.

Having known the tips to choose a scoop neckline for your beach themed wedding dress, now go ahead to get it prepared perfectly!

How to choose a sweetheart neckline – wedding dress planning

 discount wedding dress

When it comes to choosing a discount wedding dress, one of the most important elements you need to decide upon is the neckline style. Sweetheart neckline is a flattering style for most every woman.

Shaped like the top half of a heart, sweetheart is a wonderful option for fuller-chested women because it really accentuates the decolletage. Named for its resemblance to the bottom of the stylized heart graphic, the vertical dip of the sweetheart neckline of the affordable beach wedding dress helps to elongate the face and gives balance to larger proportions. The sweetheart is often done with an overlay of sheer material that rises higher than the heart shape, giving the torso a longer line and also making the neck look longer.

This is by far the most popular style of neckline for vintage wedding gowns and many evening dresses because of its ability to make most every size and shape of woman look her best.

Tips to choose a V-neckline – wedding dress planning

unique wedding gown

Besides silhouette and waistline, neckline is another important factor that will influence your entire look in your unique wedding gown on the wedding day. Wearing a garment with the wrong neckline can ruin the entire look you are trying to achieve. So here are the tips for how to choose a V-neckline.

A V-neck dress forms a V-shape; they can be cut quite high revealing very little of the chest, or quite low to reveal some cleavage, and de-emphasizing the bust line of the vintage wedding gown. This style works well on larges breasts or women with square, or round faces because it visually elongates the whole upper body. It can also go very well with women who have broad shoulders, as it creates more depth and shows more of the vertical area of the neck and covers the broad shoulders. Such women should wear broad and deep V-neck dresses.

The only consideration to remember is to make certain that you have a proper fit on the destination wedding gowns and you will look great.

Vintage wedding dresses Neckline

vintage wedding gowns Choosing vintage wedding gowns with right neckline styles according to the bust line and body type is very essential to make the dress work for you. Here are some necklines styles for dresses that you may wish to wear at different occasions.

V-Neck: An open yoke coming to a “V” shape midway down the bodice. V neck is very common and popular in women of all ages, and why not, it suits almost all body types.

Sweetheart: A graceful, open yoke shaped like the top half of a heart. One of the most popular ivory beach wedding dresses necklines.

Square: An open yoke neckline shaped in the form of a half square. This neckline style is ideal for women with heavy and moderate bust lines.

Scoop or Round: A low, U-shaped neckline. If you can look sexy with low and wide round necks or opt for a chic look with high round necks.

Sabrina: A high scoop neck.

Shawl: A one-piece collar which is turned down to form a continuous line around the back of the neck to the front.

Portrait: A shawl collar that wraps the shoulders.

Bateau: A high, wide straight neckline that runs straight across the front and back, meeting at the shoulders; the same depth in the front and back.

Cowl: A neckline featuring a piece of material attached to a garment at the neck, which may be used as a hood or draped loosely in a swag from shoulder to shoulder at the front neckline or back.

Illusion: A gown with a yoke of sheer net and an often ornately decorated satin band, fitting snugly on the neck creating a choker effect.

With this information about various neckline styles, you know how to keep the diva in you alive forever. These neckline styles will make your unique wedding dresses stunning and you will look beautiful, beautiful and even more beautiful.

Vintage wedding dresses Waistline

vintage wedding gown

The classic beauty of a vintage wedding gown that harkens back to an earlier era can transport you to a magical place. While waistline styles are the most exquisite detail that accents your entire look on the big day. Here are some waistline styles.

Asymmetrical: Features a side change in the waist height, i.e. from Empire to Natural. An asymmetric waistline sits higher on one side then the other. This can be a good choice for top heavy women, because it helps to draw the eye downwards.

Dropped: A waistline that is sewn below the body’s natural waistline. A dropped waist style sits lower than the natural waistline. It makes the bride’s torso appear long, so it is best suited to brides who have a short waist.

Natural: A seam or waistband that secures or falls at the natural curve of the body, which is the indentation between the hips and the ribcage. A flowing beach wedding dresses with a natural waistline will position the waist seam right on the natural waistline.

Empire: sits higher up on the body, typically right under the bust. This waistline style is perfect for the bride who has a long waist or short legs, because it gives the illusion of increased length in the lower body.

Basque: A short skirt attached to a waistline of a skirt or jacket. In the 20th century, the term Basque is sometimes also used to describe a peplum. This can work on many different figure types because it is like a natural waistline, but slightly more slimming, because the seam draws the eye down, rather than across the body.

For a wedding gown to be flattering, waistline style needs to compliment the body shape. Remember that if you have your heart set on a particular waist style, you may be able to somewhat change your body shape through the use of corsetry or shape wear lingerie.

Vintage wedding dresses – Sleeves

Wedding Dresses

Every bride wants to look beautiful and unique on her wedding day. Since vintage glamour is embarking on the road of modern fashion, sleeves on wedding dresses are more and more popular in recent days. Today, we are introducing several sleeve styles you may love.

Cap: A small, short sleeve which sits on the shoulder, either forming a stiff cap or falling on to the arm to provide minimal coverage.

Tulip: A short sleeve that crisscrosses over the biceps of the arm. Also knows as the petal, crisscrossed or overlapped sleeve.

Gauntlet: A long sleeve featuring a generous pouf at the shoulder/upper arm, then a detachable, glove-like piece which tapers to a fitted point, which is scarcely seen on casual beach wedding dresses.

Balloon: A sleeve shaped full over the upper arm and narrowed from the elbow to wrist. Fuller at the top.

Bishop: A long sleeve which is full below the elbow and gathered or left loose at the wrist.

Bell: A sleeve that is narrow at the armhole and wide and uncuffed at the wrist as seen in choir gowns.

Juliet: A long sleeve featuring a high point at the top of the shoulder; often narrows to a fitted point.

Are you considering a vintage wedding dress? Vintage wedding dresses often feature exquisite details and sleeve styles for a fraction of the price that you’d pay for a comparable modern dress. Wish you a beautiful bride!

What a wedding dress should be

wedding dress

Since wedding is a quite important occasion in one’s life, so a beautiful destination wedding dress should reflect the importance of the one and only special event in your life. A wedding is not complete without a proper wedding dress for the bride and the bridegroom. A wedding dress must fulfill the following requirements.

1. It should enhance the beauty and personality of the person wearing it.

2. It should satisfy the fashion requirements in vogue.

3. It should be unique, artistic and pleasing to the eye.

4. It should be affordable.

5. It should suit the season when the wedding takes place.

For example the summer wedding dress may differ from the winter wedding dress as per the requirements of the season. So, this can be a guidance when you do not know what should be do at the first step to searching for a Victorian wedding dress.