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Choose InWeddingDress.com for quality wedding dresses

A gown by InWeddingDress.com is the centerpiece of your wedding day, designed to set off your natural radiance. Handmade at the designer’s atelier using the highest quality materials, every wedding dress is hand-crafted with beautiful beadwork and exquisite detailing. Personalized touches make each bridal gown as unique as the woman who wears it. InWeddingDress wedding gowns are available perfect for brides who seek quality and craftsmanship along with elegance and beauty.

The following pictures demonstrate how InWeddingDress makes your bridal gown.

In order to see it clearly, we use red satin and lining to make this example.

1. Fabric & Inside Lining

Style, cut, texture, drape, and season are all-important factors in determining the best fabric for a wedding gown. The same style dress can look and feel quite different in a variety of fabrics, since each material is designed to produce a distinct effect.

InWeddingDress chooses the best quality fabrics produced wedding dresses, we use multiple layers for gown skirts since they are transparent, but lightweight.



2. Bodices & Boning

The dresses from InWeddingDress.com have bodices that are really well-made, perfect for different styles and sizes. There are even 7-10 boning in the bodice to make sure the dress holds its shape. The bones are capped so they don't push through the lining and they follow your curves to add support and make your body look great, even without a bra.


Where does InWeddingDress place boning in bridal gowns?


Bone 8 & Bone 3 are 1.2cm wide, and other bones are 0.6cm wide.

3. Hemline Enhancement

materials horsehair

4. Beading

InWeddingDress.com's dresses are made with beautiful beads for added sparkle, which make the dress look more detailed and classic. All the beading is exquisitely made by hand.

the beadsthe beadsthe beadsthe beads

5. Embroidery

InWeddingDress.com's embroidery techniques are extremely detailed, look vivid and are very solid and compact.

beading works

6. The lace appliqués we use.

the lacethe lacethe lacethe lacethe lacethe lacethe lacethe lace

Exclusive designs, handcrafted details, exceptional fit and fill, our dedicated design and fit teams are obsessed with creating gorgeous wedding gowns, their sole focus is to deliver the best quality, and best fitted wedding dresses at affordable prices.