How to accessorize your wedding attire Ⅱ

white wedding dress Wedding handbags are a must-have for every bride. So it’s important to choose a bridal purse that matches or complements your wedding dress, jewelry, tiara, and wedding shoes.

The handbag should be made of the same or similar material as your white wedding dress and have similar patterns and designs. If your dress has lace and white pearls, find a wedding purse decorated with lace and white pearls (or beads that resemble pearls). Choose a bridal handbag that fits your style and your figure. The handbag should be easy to handle and not too large. You don’t want to attract too much attention to your wedding purse. It shouldn’t stand out, but it should blend with your other attire. It should add a touch of elegance without dominating the reception photos.

Bridal handbag, actually, is only a “small potato”. It must be a supplemental element to the whole beauty of your wedding gown, as well as the general theme of your wedding.