How to accessorize your wedding attire Ⅲ

wedding dress onlineNow it is time to look at the bottom and pick the right wedding shoes that will match beautifully with your wedding dress online.

It’s always a good idea to put the shoes up against your bridal gown to make sure they are the same color and shade (especially if they are white). Think about the details that are on the shoes and the height of the heel too. Remember that you are going to be standing up for a long time so you don’t want a high heel if you aren’t used to them. You should also think about the height of your partner and make sure that you don’t tower over them in all the photos with your 6 inch killer heels! Pick shoes that are pretty yet comfortable and make sure you break them in before your big day so that they don’t pinch.

All in all, two things keeping in mind, one is comfort, the other is perfectly suited to your modest wedding dress, which will make your special day memorable.