How to take care of your wedding gown

Differ from the other dresses, maternity wedding dresses are more delicate and easy to be out of shape without special care. Discount Bridesmaid DressesIn this case, Mother knows best. “A vintage wedding dress is a very delicate garment, so it needs to be handled with the utmost care,” points out Steven Sandman, of the Imperial Gown Restoration Company in Fairfax, Virginia. “This means having it cared for by an expert, who will use a special technique called hand-wet cleaning.” During this method, the designer wedding dresses is immersed for a precise number of minutes in a bath of solvents tailored specifically to the fabric. While your neighborhood cleaners may be great at reviving workday wear, they may not be experienced with this process. “So if you take it to regular cleaners, you run the risk of subjecting your dress to the solvents used on everyday clothes. They’re too harsh for your unique wedding dress,” says Sandman. To find a qualified bridal cleaner, ask your salon or dress manufacturer for recommendations. Check out wedding dress shops like for additional information.

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