Preserve Wedding Dresses a Year before Wedding Ⅱ

wedding gownsSometimes, heavy wedding gowns are more difficult to be stored than light ones, so we should be more careful.

If the dress has a long train that cannot easily be removed, be sure to take the extra weight of the train off the seams by folding the train over the hanger. One concern about hanging a heavy wedding dress is the seam stretching that occurs over time. Create ways to minimize the hanging weight on the seams of the wedding gown. Make a sling and place it over the hanger to move the weight to the sling rather than on the seams. A long unique wedding dress full of beads can be heavy. Be creative when dealing with a heavy dress.

Besides, if your plus size wedding dress has been worn, the long train can be easily stained, so don’t be fooled just because it looks clean.