Preserve Wedding Dresses a Year before Wedding Ⅲ

custom wedding gownAfter fixing the wedding dress itself, we’ll think about the way how to protect and hang it.

Don’t use a plastic garment bag of any type, because there is a good chance for your gown to show signs of discoloration in a plastic bag for that long. Muslin garment bags can be used to effectively protect and store a hanging wedding dress. And then hang the wedding gown on a wooden hanger which has no plastic. Use a padded hanger unless the wedding dress is sleeveless. Make a padded hanger yourself by taking a wooden hanger and wrap it with cotton sheet, terry cloth towel or other cotton fabric, not foam rubber. Finally, hang the gown where it has room to breathe instead of in a crowded closet. And certainly don’t even think about using the vacuum sealed plastic containers.

All the things will make your custom wedding gown be a good shape and condition before wedding.