Remember Top Rules when Bridesmaid Dresses Shopping

bridesmaid dressesWhen choosing bridesmaid dresses, it’s important to keep the ladies’ body types in mind. No matter how fit or beautiful your bridesmaids are, not every bridesmaid dresses style looks good on every woman—ask them in advance if there are any particular necklines or silhouettes they find to be unflattering.

When searching for bridesmaid dresses online, try to look at styles of your bridal party and ask yourself: Would you gladly pay that much for bridesmaid dresses you won’t wear again? My honest answer was “no.”

I gave my brides the opportunity to share their honest opinion about what they wanted in bridesmaid dresses, with the condition that the style must be floor-length in a deep purple hue. However, the style, fabric, and price were all open for discussion. Brides, you want to be open to your bridesmaids’ suggestions; conversely, it’s just as important for bridesmaids to understand that their bridesmaid dresses are part of the bride’s overall vision of their wedding day.

Remember these rules you will absolutely find the perfect unique bridesmaid dresses for your best friends.