Store Wedding Dresses in Weeks or Months before Wedding Ⅱ

custom made wedding dressesHere’s another way to keep your custom made wedding dresses on safe before your wedding.

You can also use a clean white cotton sheet, maybe two, pinned together to protect the wedding gown, at least for the short term. This is the most practical method of protecting your wedding gown before the wedding. Depending on the size of the wedding gown and the sheets, two white cotton sheets placed under and over the gown, like bread on a sandwich, with safety pins around the outside should protect the gown for a few weeks or months before the wedding. Use one of these solutions when traveling to a destination wedding…or even to take the wedding gown to the wedding site.

And remember to check your summer wedding dress before the wedding in case the wrinkles need to be steamed out, all you do is just for its highlight debut on your big day.