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Mermaid Wedding Dress is better for Short Brides

mermaid wedding dressYou’ve waited for this day your whole life. Not the wedding. Not the proposal. No, no. You’ve dreamed for years about the very first time you try on wedding dresses. You may or may not know what wedding dress silhouette is right for you, but you most likely know what silhouette you want. Does a shorter bride can wear a mermaid wedding dress? Luckily, a tailor can practically make any style of dress look great on any woman — no matter their shape, size, or height.

If your heart is set on a trumpet or mermaid skirt, don’t let height concerns get in the way of it — that’s what your tailor is for! A mermaid wedding dress is doable for brides of all heights, as long as a seamstress cuts it to fit your body. State your concern to your dress salesperson or designer and they’ll help you find the most flattering mermaid wedding dress for your body. For maximum elongation, make sure the mermaid wedding dress is fitted through your hips and flares out just above — not below — the knee. This will give the illusion of longer legs. And as with any other dress fitting, make sure to bring your heels so the hem hits at the right spot.

A bride’s sexy mermaid wedding dress can signal what her personality is and it can also signal how seriously she’s taking this marriage.