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The Guide to Buying Vintage Style Wedding Dress

vintage style wedding dressIf only a vintage wedding will do – then why not go all out and find yourself an original vintage style wedding dress? But finding a unique vintage style wedding dress is not quite as easy as heading to your local bridal boutique.

The key to buying any vintage style wedding dress to begin with is finding a shape that suits your figure. Don’t get caught up in the romance. Quite often a vintage style wedding dress can look great on a hanger or mannequin but once around your curves it can be quite different. If the general idea of the shape works or fabric then keep an open mind as hems can be shortened, necklines lowered, taken in at the side seams, belts added there are lots of changes you can make to transform a dress to ensure it both flatters you and looks less period drama and more current.

The vintage style wedding dresses is just the starting point; a base on which to build it up. Belts, sashes, adding detail, colour, can all change the look of a dress quite quickly. Have fun with it. Remember no one else will have the same dress as you, and enjoy trying different styles.