White wedding color is prepared for all of you

White is a traditional bridal gowns color for all the brides, once you want to get married, the first wedding color we remember is white. As the time goes, white is no longer just represents white, but more for wedding joy. However, there are still more mothers who have the old idea that once their girls are no longer “pure” ones or even have children, they would have no right to wear wedding dresses any longer. The mothers may suggest their girls wearing some shade of white even though the girls dislike the color. Is that right?Wedding Dress Guide

Well, girls, pay attention, please.It depends on your complexion and your taste, not on your wedding location or whether you’re a mother yourself. You and your mom should be aware that although white traditionally represented purity, these days it just symbolizes wedding joy, so you don’t have to be “virginal” to wear an unusal wedding dress. If you look great in pure white, wear pure white.

Also keep in mind that you don’t have to wear a shade of white or ivory informal wedding gowns if you dislike it or it’s hard to find a good shade. Consider light pastel shades of pink, lavender, celadon, or robin’s-egg blue. You have many choices as a bride; do not need to limit yourself in just white or shade.

All in all, every color is prepared for every bride, choose the one you like best and do not care others.

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