You Character, Your Wedding DressⅠ

beach wedding dressBrides, do you believe your characters can be seen by your choice of modest wedding dress? Here, we have sum up four personality archetypes to share with you.

The Minimalist has a strong and magnetic character, brimming with confidence. Therefore, her beach wedding dress is the simplest of all wedding dresses-subdued and with little embellishment, better to emphasize her innate charm and sensuality. And the Romanticist is the lady behind the mirror-the main character of an epic love story. Dressed in a crinoline bridal gown with delicate embellishment such as flowers, ribbons and crystals, this is her fairy-tale come true. And everybody (especially her!) lives happily ever after.

Is it right for you? Well, you can take it as a reference. Maybe you will find it can give you a little help when picking out your cheap wedding dress.