You Character, Your Wedding Dress Ⅱ

2012 wedding dressBrides-to-be, are you eager to know the other two personality archetypes about wedding dresses, here we go.

The 2012 wedding dress for the Traditionalist is one of timeless style, defined by the woven intricacies of lace, a material used with great effectiveness throughout the ages. Its demure web enhances the character of the bridal gown and the bride. On the contrary, the Modernist is the epitome of contemporary sophistication-she wants a wedding dress that has that WOW factor. She seeks wedding dress designs that are bold and unique, maybe even a bit avant-garde- better to be at the center of attention.

Anyway, each bride is unique with their own personalities. But if you integrate them into one thing, you will look for a unique wedding dress that fits you both in body shape and in inner self.