Backless Lace Wedding Dresses for Summer Wedding

backless lace wedding dressesThere’s nothing that will make a statement on your big day quite like backless lace wedding dresses. It’s as simple as that.

People often wonder why so much effort is put into finding the perfect backless lace wedding dresses – well for starters, this is the one day in your whole life that all eyes are on you. So getting that drop dead gorgeous backless lace wedding dresses is a must.

But we get it, baring your back for your whole wedding party to see might not be top of every bride’s list, but trust us there’s a backless lace wedding dress for even the most demure of brides. Whether it’s a dress with a subtle lace overlay or a fully open-back there will be an option for everyone, you just need to look!

Cap Sleeve Wedding Dress is a Hot Trend

cap sleeve wedding dressesOne of the things we’re hearing a lot in bridal department is, “I don’t want strapless!” It’s true that this trend has taken over the bridal industry with a vengeance over the last few years, and for good reason: strapless necklines are universally flattering. However, more and more brides are growing weary of this trend, and are looking for something new. Why not choosing cap sleeve wedding dress for your big day?

A cap sleeve wedding dress is a happy medium between sleeves and no sleeves; you get the added visual interest without the bulk. Cap sleeve wedding dress is the perfect compromise for the bride who wants sleeves, but is maybe having a spring or summer wedding, and doesn’t want the weight of more fabric. The term “cap sleeve” can mean different things to different people, so use your best judgment when choosing your cap sleeve wedding dress.

You shouldn’t have a problem finding your dream lace cap sleeve wedding dress if you have cap sleeve envy. We hope our tips will help you nail down that perfect style for your day.

Simple Short Wedding Dresses are Stylish and Affordable

simple short wedding dressesThe first thing I’m sure every girl thinks of wedding is the ring – immediately followed by the wedding dress. With many couples paying for their own weddings these days and quite often on a budget, the last thing a girl wants to do is skimp on the wedding dress. But there is one option that will save on the pennies but not on style – and that’s to wear simple short wedding dress.

Couples often need budget-friendly wedding ideas, plus vintage-themed weddings are really popular right now. There’s something about simple short wedding dresses that suggests a look from another time; whether a longer midi or a daring mini, a shorter hemline is extremely stylish and can be a very affordable alternative to the traditional long gown. It’s a budget friendly option – simple short wedding dresses cost far less than a long gown. It will be more comfortable and great for dancing. It’s very likely you can wear the dress again, and what dress would you feel more special in than the dress you wore on your wedding day.

Simple short wedding dresses are unbelievably chic. Brides in shorter styles always get talked about as guests generally don’t expect a higher hemline. You can choose modern, minimalist elegance, or be more playful with your styling and accessories and go retro-vintage or full-on feminine.

How to Choose Beach Wedding Dress for Wedding

beach wedding dressBrides planning a destination wedding have many factors to consider: How to transport their beach wedding dress on the plane, what flowers to use, how to plan a location-appropriate wedding reception, and even how to get a little bit of along time after the wedding is over. Beach wedding dress and shoes have their own set of rules and regulations for destination weddings, as well. How long should a beach wedding dress be if it will be worn on the beach? Here is the answer to your questions.

No matter where your wedding is taking place — on a beach or in a barn — you need to look for a wedding dress style that is most flattering for your figure. Once you’ve determined the silhouette you want (sheath, ball gown, A-line), you can focus on the wedding dress’s details. For you, try to stay away from heavy beading, which weighs a dress down. Look for such light and airy fabrics as silk chiffon or organza. Halter necklines also lend a more casual, beachy look. You may want to forego the long train, which is sure to accumulate lots of sand, and the cathedral-length wedding veil, which could be really annoying in a strong ocean breeze. And if you decide you’re not up to baring your legs, be sure to have an extra pair of pantyhose handy: Bits of shells are sure to get caught in your stockings and cause snags.

Wear the heels at your wedding dress fitting, and ask the seamstress to hem the skirt so it just skims your toes. As long as your heels are three inches or lower, the destination wedding dress will be a smidge long for the ceremony but will look perfect (and won’t trip you up) on the dance floor.

Say Yes to Tea Length Wedding Dress

tea length wedding dressImagine all the beauty of a wedding gown combined with the spunk, flair, and freedom of a shorter style. We tend to see the best of both world in a tea length wedding dress. A new way, a fun way, and an easy way to express yourself as a bride is to choose a tea length wedding dress. With the warmest months of the year upon us, more and more brides are looking for a higher hemline for their weddings. Let’s examine the ways to work a tea length wedding dress into your wedding day.

Think garden, think backyard, or think all-American. A unique wedding dress will blend perfectly with any outdoor setting. Brides who are looking to save a little hassle and headache in their ensemble will be quick to don a tea length wedding dress. Many brides find themselves torn about a wedding dress due to their desire for subtlety. Whether you’re the girl who despises dresses or the girl who loves sweet simplicity, the tea length wedding dress may be right for you!

Above all, the most important reason to get a tea length wedding dress is if you want to! If tea-length has always been your dream, pursue it! Though tea length wedding dresses are less abundant these days, do what is necessary to create it.

Guide to Choose Beautiful Beach Bridal Gowns

beach destination wedding dressesAs destination weddings become more popular, so has the selection of beach bridal gowns. One of the most popular wedding destination locations includes the beach, whether the local beach or an exotic location a beach wedding can be very romantic.

When choosing the perfect wedding dress to wear on the beach it is important to remember the temperature and the weather conditions that are expected for the day and time of the wedding. While thin, lightweight, and lowing fabrics are perfect for an afternoon beach wedding; for morning and evening weddings you may need to consider options accessory options that might be needed if the weather turns chillier. For many brides one of the choices when choosing the right beach wedding dress is to consider whether you want a fun and flirty, sexy beach bridal gown, or more traditional look. A beach wedding can be just as easily romantic and traditional as fun and frivolous.

Your wedding day is special, choose a dress that makes you feel like the princess you are. Consider not only which style dress will look best on you, but choose a wedding dress that is free flowing and lighter weight to look more natural in a beach setting. With the perfect beach wedding bridal gowns you’ll look as if you just walked off the pages of a wedding magazine and down the aisle to meet your groom.

Unique Beach Casual Wedding Dresses is Your Choice

beach casual wedding dressesWhat style of wedding are you planning? While beach weddings are more popular, some beach weddings that are formal, some are casual as well. When choosing a wedding dress it is important that the dress helps to set the tone of the wedding. Light and flowing beach casual wedding dresses can seem both fun and casual or delicate and romantic at a more formal setting.

Choose wedding dresses that are made of a comfortable material that you will enjoy wearing. From the wedding to the receptions choosing the right material for your beach wedding dresses will allow you to feel more comfortable and enjoy the event more. Choose a lightweight material that will flow in the breeze verses a more heavy traditional material that will look out of place on the beach. The breeze coming off the ocean will create a nice flow to your wedding dresses when you choose the right fabric.

Finally, as with any wedding dress choice; your final consideration when planning to go shopping for the perfect beach wedding dress is the budget. Knowing the budget you will be comfortable spending beforehand and only looking at casual wedding dresses in that price range will help you avoid falling for a dress and then finding out it is more than you want to afford.

Beach Destination Wedding Dresses for Your Big Day

beach destination wedding dressesFor the sun-kissed bride, the perfect beach destination wedding dresses can be hard to find. Getting married by the ocean? You might want to consider a dress that is light-weight and that breathes. Look for fabrics like cotton and jersey, after all, nothing is worse than feeling overheated on your wedding day (and you’ll avoid looking shiny and sweaty).

Simple styles stand out against nature’s gorgeous backdrop. Choosing the beach destination wedding dresses that’s easy to move around in and lift (i.e., without layers upon layers of taffeta), will make it possible to take a walk along the shore. With the warm sand between your toes, your wedding will feel like a vacation.

For the elegant, summer bride, try on beach destination wedding dresses with a low back. You can have the best of both worlds: classic & traditional in the front, and edgy in the back. It’s the perfect combination. Dainty details make a big impact on a destination wedding dress. Buttons running up the back or beaded trim, for example, can add a whimsical, vintage-inspired touch.

Mistake Brides should Avoid when Shopping Wedding Dresses

wedding dressesShopping for “wedding dresses” can come with a variety of emotion. From the stress of finding what will be perfect, to who will come with you, to the moment where you say, “yes”; this shopping experience is unlike any other.

Resist arriving for your shopping appointment with an entourage. Sure, it sounds like a blast to model dresses for all your bridesmaids or a gaggle of close cousins, aunts, and your mom, but more people means more conflicting opinions. You want one or two trusted people who you can rely on to be honest and constructive — no hidden agendas or Debbie Downers allowed. In fact, some experts recommend a solo shopping trip first, then bring in back-up once you’ve narrowed down your options to a few looks you love.

When shopping for the discount wedding dresses for your wedding remember the theme or look of your wedding that you and your fiancé decided on. It can really eliminate a lot of stress if you stick to your vision, budget, and stay true to your style!

Mermaid Wedding Dress is better for Short Brides

mermaid wedding dressYou’ve waited for this day your whole life. Not the wedding. Not the proposal. No, no. You’ve dreamed for years about the very first time you try on wedding dresses. You may or may not know what wedding dress silhouette is right for you, but you most likely know what silhouette you want. Does a shorter bride can wear a mermaid wedding dress? Luckily, a tailor can practically make any style of dress look great on any woman — no matter their shape, size, or height.

If your heart is set on a trumpet or mermaid skirt, don’t let height concerns get in the way of it — that’s what your tailor is for! A mermaid wedding dress is doable for brides of all heights, as long as a seamstress cuts it to fit your body. State your concern to your dress salesperson or designer and they’ll help you find the most flattering mermaid wedding dress for your body. For maximum elongation, make sure the mermaid wedding dress is fitted through your hips and flares out just above — not below — the knee. This will give the illusion of longer legs. And as with any other dress fitting, make sure to bring your heels so the hem hits at the right spot.

A bride’s sexy mermaid wedding dress can signal what her personality is and it can also signal how seriously she’s taking this marriage.