Beach Destination Wedding Dresses for Your Big Day

beach destination wedding dressesFor the sun-kissed bride, the perfect beach destination wedding dresses can be hard to find. Getting married by the ocean? You might want to consider a dress that is light-weight and that breathes. Look for fabrics like cotton and jersey, after all, nothing is worse than feeling overheated on your wedding day (and you’ll avoid looking shiny and sweaty).

Simple styles stand out against nature’s gorgeous backdrop. Choosing the beach destination wedding dresses that’s easy to move around in and lift (i.e., without layers upon layers of taffeta), will make it possible to take a walk along the shore. With the warm sand between your toes, your wedding will feel like a vacation.

For the elegant, summer bride, try on beach destination wedding dresses with a low back. You can have the best of both worlds: classic & traditional in the front, and edgy in the back. It’s the perfect combination. Dainty details make a big impact on a destination wedding dress. Buttons running up the back or beaded trim, for example, can add a whimsical, vintage-inspired touch.

Mistake Brides should Avoid when Shopping Wedding Dresses

wedding dressesShopping for “wedding dresses” can come with a variety of emotion. From the stress of finding what will be perfect, to who will come with you, to the moment where you say, “yes”; this shopping experience is unlike any other.

Resist arriving for your shopping appointment with an entourage. Sure, it sounds like a blast to model dresses for all your bridesmaids or a gaggle of close cousins, aunts, and your mom, but more people means more conflicting opinions. You want one or two trusted people who you can rely on to be honest and constructive — no hidden agendas or Debbie Downers allowed. In fact, some experts recommend a solo shopping trip first, then bring in back-up once you’ve narrowed down your options to a few looks you love.

When shopping for the discount wedding dresses for your wedding remember the theme or look of your wedding that you and your fiancé decided on. It can really eliminate a lot of stress if you stick to your vision, budget, and stay true to your style!

Mermaid Wedding Dress is better for Short Brides

mermaid wedding dressYou’ve waited for this day your whole life. Not the wedding. Not the proposal. No, no. You’ve dreamed for years about the very first time you try on wedding dresses. You may or may not know what wedding dress silhouette is right for you, but you most likely know what silhouette you want. Does a shorter bride can wear a mermaid wedding dress? Luckily, a tailor can practically make any style of dress look great on any woman — no matter their shape, size, or height.

If your heart is set on a trumpet or mermaid skirt, don’t let height concerns get in the way of it — that’s what your tailor is for! A mermaid wedding dress is doable for brides of all heights, as long as a seamstress cuts it to fit your body. State your concern to your dress salesperson or designer and they’ll help you find the most flattering mermaid wedding dress for your body. For maximum elongation, make sure the mermaid wedding dress is fitted through your hips and flares out just above — not below — the knee. This will give the illusion of longer legs. And as with any other dress fitting, make sure to bring your heels so the hem hits at the right spot.

A bride’s sexy mermaid wedding dress can signal what her personality is and it can also signal how seriously she’s taking this marriage.

Choose Plus Sized Wedding Gown with Ruching

plus sized wedding gownIf you’re just starting to look for the perfect plus sized wedding gown, you know that it can be a bit of a challenge. Never mind that salon sample sizes aren’t always full-figure friendly — there’s also a seemingly endless number of trends, fabrics, and silhouettes to choose from. Here are a few tips to help you find a plus sized wedding gown that makes you feel as great as you look.

In particular, look for plus sized wedding gown that is ruched in an asymmetrical pattern — for instance gathered on one side of the gown. This pattern brings the eyes up to the face and creates a vertical shape to the gown. Anything with ruching can be very forgiving, regardless of your shape or height. It also helps to add support and gives the gown more structure.

If there’s ever a time that a bride has to wear something that she loves when it comes to fashion, it should be on her wedding day. Every shape, embellishment, and detail comes in plus size, so if you want to have ruffles, bows, flowers, or beading — go for it! The only rule to keep in mind is looking for a plus size bridal gown that’s asymmetrical, which is not only more flattering, but more artistic as well.

The Guide to Buying Vintage Style Wedding Dress

vintage style wedding dressIf only a vintage wedding will do – then why not go all out and find yourself an original vintage style wedding dress? But finding a unique vintage style wedding dress is not quite as easy as heading to your local bridal boutique.

The key to buying any vintage style wedding dress to begin with is finding a shape that suits your figure. Don’t get caught up in the romance. Quite often a vintage style wedding dress can look great on a hanger or mannequin but once around your curves it can be quite different. If the general idea of the shape works or fabric then keep an open mind as hems can be shortened, necklines lowered, taken in at the side seams, belts added there are lots of changes you can make to transform a dress to ensure it both flatters you and looks less period drama and more current.

The vintage style wedding dresses is just the starting point; a base on which to build it up. Belts, sashes, adding detail, colour, can all change the look of a dress quite quickly. Have fun with it. Remember no one else will have the same dress as you, and enjoy trying different styles.

Mermaid Wedding Dress is still Popular

mermaid wedding dressEvery girl knows that the wedding dress is the most important thing about the wedding – second to your man to be, obviously! But still, it’s a huge decision and one that can take ages to get right. Getting the basic shape is a great place to start the quest for the perfect wedding dress. There are shapes that will flatter you and there are shapes that will make you look like an inflatable marshmallow on legs. So making an informed decision is going to help take the heart ache out of it. Here are the tips on choosing perfect mermaid wedding dress for your body shape.

Mermaid wedding dress is more in fashion than ever. As seen on the couture runways and the red carpet, they can come in assorted fabrications, colors, and styles. A mermaid wedding dress, a silhouette type, is a slim fit wedding gown that has a dropped waist all the way to the knee. At the knee the dress flares out with volume all the way through to the hem. They are considered glamorous and extremely flattering.

The key to making a mermaid style wedding dress slimming is to pick a good point for the skirt to flare. A skirt that widens high on the legs can visually widen the bride’s hips by appearing to cup her bottom, so look for a mermaid wedding dress that has a shorter fish-tail element that starts no higher than a few inches above the knee.

Lace Bridesmaid Dresses for Vintage Weddings

lace bridesmaid dressesBrides become more and more open minded and confident when selecting the pretty dresses to create standout bridesmaid looks! With popular trends like vintage and rustic weddings on every corner it was only a matter of time before brides started involving their maids into the trend. Brides have overturned the need to humiliate their ladies in awful colors, bows frills and random styles and gifted them with stunning lace bridesmaid dresses that they will not only feel elegant in, but can actually wear again and again.

One fad, which is taking the bridal scene by storm is lace, the fabric that the bride usually adorns herself in has now been handed to her ladies. Not only does the fabric compliment the brides, but it can look fabulous when used in the right color of style. Portrait backs, scalloped edges and pretty sleeves are just a few of the styling details found on the bridesmaids rack.

Brides love the idea of rustic country farm venues and authentic vintage looks and lace is a perfect way to embrace it includes dressing your maids in it. You’ll see all elegant lace bridesmaid dresses as well as part lace gowns where the bodice or skirt is paired with a complementary fabric.

Top Bridesmaid Dresses Trends for Fall

bridesmaid dressesWe are almost certain that brides set to wed this Fall are now starting to look frantically in shops, scouring the internet for deals and getting a wee bit giddy about how their best ladies are going to look on her big day! It’s a huge job for the bride that’s exactly why we are here to help you choose the right bridesmaid dresses for your girls!

A continuing trend, white and ivory will still be hanging around this fall! We’ve seen skinny straps all over the runways this year and we are set to see them walking down the aisle this fall. For delicate overlays, brides have been paying homage to this elegant look for a while now and it’s time for the bridesmaids to jump on this gorgeous trend too. A great look for pretty much every figure and designers are stepping away from flowy chiffon fabrics and going to more structured satin fabrics. Another trend to see the test of time and we are so pleased to still see them around. Choose from a range of style from thin straps, to a ruffled capped sleeve and pretty scalloped edges.

With these tips, not only can we point you in the right direction but we can also give you the bridesmaid dress you want, made to the perfect fit!

We Love Grey Bridesmaid Dresses

grey bridesmaid dressesThis season we are completely in love with everything grey! Yes that’s right! Grey! We know traditionally this color has a bad rap and is generally not a color that we associate with happiness, ultimately making this color a seemingly unpopular choice. So why the sudden change of our heart? Grey has been revived with the help of spring like colors, such as canary yellow, blush and primrose pink they bring this color to life and with the right balance these color combinations can look truly sophisticated, elegant and joyful, the perfect ingredients for a successful wedding.

Grey really stands out against stark white, so if you’re choosing a pure white gown then grey bridesmaid dresses may be the ideal choice. There are so many shades of grey to choose from and you really need to consider the fabric you intend to use as this may alter the tone of grey. We think shiny satins and draped chiffons should be your top choice of material this year, based around the season in which you plan to wed in.

As mentioned earlier grey bridesmaid dresses look fabulous with spring colors and white, so keep this mixture of colors jotted down in your diary.

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