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Complete your wedding look with the perfect accessories to go with your dress.

How to Choose Your Right Wedding Shoes

unusual wedding dressFor more and more brides these days, the choice of a pair of right wedding shoes is as important as a unique wedding dress when they are planning for a wedding. Because wedding shoes can also add an element of whimsy and reflect their personality. Some wedding advice for brides arrange from satin stilettos to multi-colored brogues.

Throughout your wedding, you will be the center of attention. Your unusual wedding dresses, your demeanor, and your smile should look perfect, but your shoes can negatively affect the way you feel. If you have a beach wedding idea, then a pair of suitable shoes is very important. Uncomfortable shoes can cause pain that can make standing unbearable. Your wedding shoes not only accent your simple elegant wedding dresses; they also must fit properly and provide enough support so that you will be comfortable for hours. If you’re used to wearing heels, they won’t bother you as much as they would to others. However, if you seldom wear heels, you’d better go with a beautiful pair of flats when you prefer to be a little kinder to your feet. Although most people suggest choosing a shade that exactly matches your dress, there’s no rule says you have to. If you want to spice things up, choose a color that matches the flowers of your bouquet, the sash on your casual wedding dress or your jewelry.

Choosing a pair of perfect wedding shoes can comfort your big day and highlight your sense of fashion.


Perfect Wedding Veils for Your Face Shape Ⅱ

wedding veilIf our last passage isn’t helpful for you, maybe you can find something to choose your perfect wedding veils in this passage.

An oval face shape in slightly longer then it is wide, it is similar in appearance to an egg shape. As this face shape is well balanced, you are free to experiment with different wedding veil styles. However, it is a good idea to avoid going extreme in either volume or width, to help maintain your proportions. A rectangle face is longer than it is wide and it tends to appear narrow and angular. When choosing a veil look for a style that has width around the face, but no height at the top of the head.

Are you looking at yourself in the mirror now to determine your face shape and thinking about what style of wedding veil is for me?

Perfect Wedding Veils for Your Face Shape Ⅰ

white wedding veilYour face shape is a decisive factor when choosing a wedding veil as it frames your face. Consider the following advice for your face shape.

A round face is virtually as wide as it is long and looks full in appearance. When choosing a wedding veil look for a style that will help make your face look longer and slimmer. It is preferable for your veil to reach at least shoulder length and for it to have some volume on the top of the head. Avoid veils with too much fullness at the sides of the face. A square face is typically wide and angular looking. When choosing a veil look for a style that will soften your face and add length. It is preferable for your veil to reach at least shoulder length and for it to have some volume on the top of the head. Circular and cascading styles can help soften the angular nature of your jaw line.

When looking for the perfect white wedding veil for your face shape, the “opposites attract” would

Must Brides Wear Veils?

wedding veilsWedding veils were once donned as protection from evil spirits. In more recent times, the veil has symbolized chastity, and, like the casual wedding dress, festivity and fun.

Whether or not you wear a veil is up to you, as there are no longer strict rules regarding the accessory. It does help to understand the etiquette, especially if you are having a formal ceremony, or are worried about what great-grandmother might think. While once taboo to wear a veil for a second marriage, that rule no longer applies. However, it’s common to forgo the Cathedral-length wedding veils, which go down to the floor and are associated with virginity and first-time marriage, in favor of something shorter, like a Blusher, which covers only the bride’s face. Another popular option for all brides is the Flyaway, which ends at the shoulder. Fingertip veils end, you guessed it, just above the fingers.

Should you decide to wear a veil, make sure any ornamentation starts below the detailing on the unique wedding dress with sheer jewel neck, they don’t compete for attention and don’t clash.

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Dress Sash for Wedding Dress

wedding sashes Wedding sashes could instantly add the perfect personal touch to your bridal ensemble. There is variety of dress sashes ensures every bride is able to find the perfect finishing touch for her wedding dress.

Rhinestone covered sashes are an extremely popular choice for bride’s wishing to add sparkle and shine to their bridal look. Beaded sashes attract attention to the couture wedding dress and highlight its beauty, while adding the sparkle a bride desires. Like icing on a cake, a beaded covered sash is the perfect finish to any dress, no matter what the style. Sashes are also a great way to incorporate a pop of color into a bride’s look, while still keeping the traditional white dress. In recent years, solid colored sashes made of satin or organza has grown in popularity.

Both of the options add drama and color, while allowing a bride to personalize her dress. Just looking for a bridal sash to match the unique wedding dress on the big day!

Accessories for Sweetheart or Strapless Wedding Dress

bridal dress Pairing your neckline style with the proper adornment can add character to your wedding gown, or even highlight a unique feature.

Sweetheart or Strapless: For something a little different, skip the necklace, and focus on some great chandelier earrings instead. Wear clear crystal for a sleek look, or punch it up with a hint of color. Try using a meaningful gem like your birthstone, or pick a color from the flowers in your bridal bouquet (but not from the embellishments on your bridal dress. You don’t want to match too much). If you’re going for a flirty, fresh look, include two or three small fresh or silk flowers in your hair to add a soft, organic feel.

If you thought finding your Sweetheart or Strapless wedding dress gown was fun, you’re in for a real treat — it’s time to accessorize.

The Comfortable Shoes for Your Wedding

bridal dressAfter you’ve made a decision on your bridal dress, you should choose the right wedding shoes to match the wedding dress. How to choose a right and comfortable bridal shoe?

Weddings are all day events and you don’t want to kick your shoes off, at least until you have finished the formal dancing. The reality is that comfort is a very significant factor to consider when choosing a shoe to complement bridal wedding dress, more-so than looks, and you don’t want to find this out while you are cringing during the photo session. Heels should only be an option if you are used to wearing them, and if you are not, but you really want to wear them, then buy them well in advance to break them in and get used to them.

The wedding shoes not only have to match the wedding dress gown, but it must be comfortable to wear throughout the entire big day.

Select Shoes to Complement Your Wedding Dress

bridal wedding dressHow to select the proper color of the wedding shoes to complement your bridal wedding dress, please?

You can opt for the traditional and choose a color that matches your wedding dress. This may mean you have to bring a swatch along with you to ensure that your colors are identical. Oftentimes, brides have to dye their wedding shoes to make sure that colors are accurate. There is also the option of picking a shade that diverts from your wedding dress gown but matches your accessories, such as silver or gold. Additionally, you may decide that a shoe adorned with embellishments, such as pearls, beads, sequins, and rhinestones, will complement your overall look.

However, learning how to choose your wedding shoes are a perfect match for the bridal dress is not difficult with the right approach.

How to match Shoes and Accessory for Beach Wedding

beach wedding dressWhen you decide to have a less formal wedding, how do you know how to find shoes and the accessories coordinated to your beach wedding dress?

Many times brides who are having a beach wedding will choose to go barefoot and forego shoes all together. Other times they will opt for low heels, dressy sandals, or dressy flip-flops. A new trend is to wear barefoot sandals. Beach Wedding Planning guide describes barefoot sandals as not really being a sandal at all but more of jewelry for the bride’s feet. To accessorize a casual wedding dress, many brides choose to wear a tropical flower such as an orchid in their hair. These blooms may also be used in a bouquet or flower garland worn around the neck.

If you start early and take your time, you should have no trouble finding just the right shoes and wedding accessory that complement the beach style wedding dress.

How to accessorize your wedding attire Ⅲ

wedding dress onlineNow it is time to look at the bottom and pick the right wedding shoes that will match beautifully with your wedding dress online.

It’s always a good idea to put the shoes up against your bridal gown to make sure they are the same color and shade (especially if they are white). Think about the details that are on the shoes and the height of the heel too. Remember that you are going to be standing up for a long time so you don’t want a high heel if you aren’t used to them. You should also think about the height of your partner and make sure that you don’t tower over them in all the photos with your 6 inch killer heels! Pick shoes that are pretty yet comfortable and make sure you break them in before your big day so that they don’t pinch.

All in all, two things keeping in mind, one is comfort, the other is perfectly suited to your modest wedding dress, which will make your special day memorable.