How to match Shoes and Accessory for Beach Wedding

beach wedding dressWhen you decide to have a less formal wedding, how do you know how to find shoes and the accessories coordinated to your beach wedding dress?

Many times brides who are having a beach wedding will choose to go barefoot and forego shoes all together. Other times they will opt for low heels, dressy sandals, or dressy flip-flops. A new trend is to wear barefoot sandals. Beach Wedding Planning guide describes barefoot sandals as not really being a sandal at all but more of jewelry for the bride’s feet. To accessorize a casual wedding dress, many brides choose to wear a tropical flower such as an orchid in their hair. These blooms may also be used in a bouquet or flower garland worn around the neck.

If you start early and take your time, you should have no trouble finding just the right shoes and wedding accessory that complement the beach style wedding dress.