Can the Bride Wear a White Wedding Gown If She Has a Kid?

white wedding dress The guests may try to convince the bride who has a child to exclude the child from the wedding and not to wear a white wedding dress. What role should the kid play and can the bride wear a traditional color wedding dress?

The question is how much will you let others’ opinions affect you? It sounds like you know what you want to do: include your child in the wedding and wear the wedding dress you want to wear. If your daughter will be too young to serve as a flower girl, you can walk down the aisle with her and then hand her to your mother in the first row as you step up to meet your groom. As for your wedding gown, rest assured that wearing white is completely appropriate for any bride, first wedding or second, mom or not.

It’s your day and you should do what makes you happy. She is an important part of the bride’s life so of course she should be part of the day. If you like white bridal wedding dress, then wear it!