Choosing a look for your wedding dress-Celebrate your setting

After finding out your inner bride and having your modest wedding gowns in mind, another thing has to be considered: the formality of your ceremony and the features of the site. While every bride and groom should feel Wedding Dress Guide free to choose the wedding dress designers of their dreams, their attire should also reflect the time and place of their nuptials. A formal candlelit ceremony is not the time for a bride to be sporting a short sundress, the groom a morning coat and ascot. Nor is an afternoon garden party the place to break out the cathedral-length veil, top hat, and tails. If your wedding is outdoors in a breathtaking locale, choose an equally romantic look for your ceremony — say, a flirty ankle-length designer wedding gown with embroidered leaves and vines. Likewise, if your party is planned in a proper reception hall, consider more classic to-be-wed ensembles that mimic the mood, or celebrate your inner cool cattiness with a sleek asymmetric gown and a monochromatic look for the groom. Go for drama in a theater environ with a vintage tux and over-the-top gown. And embrace the setting at a vintage wedding dress with a two-piece dress, a pair of sheer flowing pants or a daring white bikini; have your groom don a Hawaiian shirt and swim trunks.

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