Fashion Wedding Dress for Plus-Size — Sleeves

plus-sized wedding dressIt understands that an idea of shopping for a plus-sized wedding dress is a daunting one especially when you plan to cover more, what is the best sleeve type then to complete your dream?

Slinky Sleeves: Long sleeves that come to a point over the hand or end just below the elbow add a sleek line to your dress that you’ll love. Stay far, far away from puffy or unfitted sleeves, as they’ll add bulk to the overall look. A recently returning trend is to wear gauntlets sleeves that aren’t attached to the dress. This is a western wedding dresses fashion popular in renaissance, which can show off a peek of skin here and there, which is beyond sexy.

Know the basics, if ever a plus size wedding dress with sleeves is perfect for you, keep comfort and mobility in mind when choosing your sleeves.