How to Clean Lace Wedding Dresses

lace wedding dressesIf your bridal gown fabric and lining are polyester, you should easily be able to clean your own wedding dress by hand-washing it. But lace wedding dresses are difficult to clean without ruining. Lace wedding dresses will stain easily if cleaned wrong, fall apart if cleaned with harsh chemicals or not retain the same softness and beauty the lace wedding dresses were purchased for. If you’re not going to take your lace wedding dresses to a professional dry cleaner, there are very specific ways that you should clean it to ensure it isn’t ruined.

Perform a full review of your lace wedding dresses. Look over the lace wedding dresses for any stains. Fill your tub with warm water. Pour about a full cup of detergent bleach into the water, if you are using a bathtub. Place the lace wedding dresses in the water, and allow the lace wedding dresses to soak until the water cools. Remove the lace wedding dresses, and drain the water when it is cold. Refill the basin or tub with warm water. Continue this process of removing the lace wedding dresses and replacing the water with detergent bleach for about 24 hours straight. Rinse the lace wedding dresses in a clean basin of water when they are as white as you want, removing all of the detergent bleach. Then place it on a soft towel. Roll up the towel carefully, and gently press out the water. Unroll the towel, and place the lace wedding dresses on another dry towel, allowing it to air dry.

This is the bit about drying you missed out, this may be valuable information to some brides who want to wear vintage lace wedding dresses on their big day.