How to Invite Only Adults for Your Wedding Reception?

reception dressYou may be interested in holding a wedding reception for adults only and get ready to show off your sexy reception dress. However, here is the problem, is it rude to ask the parents to attend your reception leaving the children behind with a babysitter? What is the best way to let them know your idea for the adult reception?

It’s completely legitimate to want an only adult reception for those who wear pretty prom dresses, especially for an evening affair. And most parents of young children will jump at the chance for a night out without the kids. Even so, this is a sensitive topic, and putting adult reception on invites is not the answer. It seems like the easiest way to deal, but it’s a little too in-your-face, so you should take a more subtle tack. Here is a better way to go. Tell your parents, wedding party, and other close relatives and friends, so they can spread the word if any guests ask them.

You will not be considered rude or inconsiderate in this way and actually, most people completely understand the rule especially for a night wedding reception. It is the kid’s bed time. So just relax.