How to Preserve Your Lace Wedding Dresses

mermaid wedding dressesYou should have your lace wedding dresses properly preserved as soon as possible after the big day has passed. Then, years from now, you’ll be able to take it out without fear of discovering stains or fade spots-and possibly pass it on to your daughter for her wedding. To ensure that your lace wedding dresses stay as crisp and clean as the day you wore it down the aisle, follow these guidelines.

Have your lace wedding dresses professionally cleaned. Even if your lace wedding dresses look perfectly spotless after the wedding, it’s important to have it professionally cleaned, since invisible substances like perspiration or oil could turn into stains later on. Look for a professional who specializes in lace wedding dresses. Make sure he cleans the lace wedding dresses using stain pretreatments, fresh dry-cleaning fluid and a mesh bag for protection. The lace wedding dresses should also be hand-pressed afterward. Store your lace wedding dresses properly. Keep your lace wedding dresses in a cool, dry area, such as under your bed or at the top of your linen closet (the temperature changes are too extreme to store it in an attic or basement), to protect it from light, dust and insects that might damage the fabric. If you have your lace wedding dresses cleaned, preserved, and boxed professionally, simply store the box away.

Check up on your mermaid lace wedding dresses. To make sure there’s no discoloration, mildew or pest infestation, peek at your lace wedding dresses a couple times a year. If you do find a problem, contact your dry cleaner or bridal salon for advice.