Mermaid Wedding Dress is still Popular

mermaid wedding dressEvery girl knows that the wedding dress is the most important thing about the wedding – second to your man to be, obviously! But still, it’s a huge decision and one that can take ages to get right. Getting the basic shape is a great place to start the quest for the perfect wedding dress. There are shapes that will flatter you and there are shapes that will make you look like an inflatable marshmallow on legs. So making an informed decision is going to help take the heart ache out of it. Here are the tips on choosing perfect mermaid wedding dress for your body shape.

Mermaid wedding dress is more in fashion than ever. As seen on the couture runways and the red carpet, they can come in assorted fabrications, colors, and styles. A mermaid wedding dress, a silhouette type, is a slim fit wedding gown that has a dropped waist all the way to the knee. At the knee the dress flares out with volume all the way through to the hem. They are considered glamorous and extremely flattering.

The key to making a mermaid style wedding dress slimming is to pick a good point for the skirt to flare. A skirt that widens high on the legs can visually widen the bride’s hips by appearing to cup her bottom, so look for a mermaid wedding dress that has a shorter fish-tail element that starts no higher than a few inches above the knee.