Must-Know Tips for Shopping Plus Size Wedding Dresses

plus size wedding dressesWedding dress shopping for any bride can be as daunting an experience as it is exciting. But if you’re a plus-size woman in a sea of sample-size-eight gowns, it can sometimes feel downright impossible. However, shopping for the perfect plus size wedding dresses should never be an unpleasant experience. Also, you should never feel forced to settle for anything less than your dream gown.

A lot of brides might think that buying a smaller wedding dress will motivate them to shed weight before the wedding, but the truth is, it just adds a lot of unnecessary stress. A consultant at the salon will measure you and suggest the right size. And you always have to go with the biggest size. This means, that if you’re bust is measuring a size 12, but your hips are measuring a size 18 — you should buy the dress in a size 18 and alter it down to accommodate the rest of your body. If you’re going shopping with a friend, bring someone who is going to give you as unbiased an opinion as possible. You want your shopping buddy to be someone you trust and someone who listens to and supports you, but isn’t going to overly sugar coat things or try to sway you into decisions you might not feel comfortable with. Bring the person who wants you to feel confident and look great on your big day.

Just as you shouldn’t let your shape preclude you from your dream designer, also don’t let it overly dictate the style of the plus size wedding dress. Yes, there are some silhouettes that you will find work better for your body shape, but you might surprise yourself with the variety of looks that you can wear.