How to Protect the Bridal Dress on the Big Day

wedding gown

It’s important to take care of the unique wedding gowns, especially before the ceremony and reception. But what can you do to protect your wedding dress on your big day?

First, eliminate any stain caused foods or drinks from areas where the bride and bridesmaids are getting ready and dressed for the wedding. A few drips of coffee or red wine can discolor the gown. Second, discuss with your florist whether or not your flowers can stain your simple elegant wedding dresses. Third, be sure to walk with the skirt lifted as necessary to keep the bottom of the dress from scraping the ground prior to the ceremony. Fourth, beware all stain dangers when climbing into and out of a car and be sure the seats are clean and dry with no oil or other cleaners that you might have to sit in.

Follow suggestions and be sure your bridesmaids and anyone else who is going to be coming in contact with you while you are wearing the casual wedding dress on your big day.

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