The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Mermaid Wedding Dresses

mermaid wedding dressesOnce a bride has settled on mermaid wedding dresses, she must also consider all of the stylistic variations. Each different type of mermaid wedding dresses offers its own benefits and will flatter different brides’ body shapes. There are lots of mermaid wedding dresses for every bride’s tastes and sensibilities.

Brides should first consider where their mermaid wedding dresses begin to flare out. Brides who want to accentuate or create the illusion of an hourglass body shape will want to choose a dress that begins to flare just at the hips. This height will also hide problem thighs and looks the most like a typical A-line wedding dress. Brides that want to show off more of their body, including their backside, should choose a dress that is tight further down and begins to flare mid-thigh or lower. Finally, brides that want more traditional “mermaid wedding dresses” should choose a flare that begins at the knee and has the effect of looking like a mermaid’s tail. This flare height gives the flare the most bounce and will make any bride’s walk down the aisle look elegant. The width of the flare can also vary greatly between styles of this mermaid wedding dresses. A slim flare will only widen a little more than an A-line skirt, and it will have a very subtle effect on the bride’s shape. Wide flares give the bride a dramatic silhouette, but they can also appear unbalanced on a bride who does not also have a striking veil, hair, or makeup. Most wider flares are achieved by layering tulle either under the mermaid wedding dresses fabric or alone, and so most tailors can reduce the volume of a skirt by removing some layers. A fuller flare, especially one that starts around the knee, will give a bride an edgy wedding look that will stand out.

Whether it is called mermaid wedding dresses, a trumpet, or a fit and flare dress, this unique mermaid wedding dresses style is flattering and fun. Because the style mermaid wedding dresses itself has so many possible variations in the silhouette, this is one style that will look good on any body type and that can be endlessly customized.