Tips on Choosing Vintage Style Wedding Dresses

vintage style wedding dressesNow vintage style wedding dresses aren’t going anywhere, with so many fresh designs and inviting floral lace patterns it’s no wonder brides keep opting for vintage chic styles.

Vintage works well for both rustic and boho inspired weddings or for brides who just fancy something a little more special and original. Vintage style wedding dresses lend themselves to every season, which means they are an all year round winner with brides to be. Lace can be used in so many ways stemming from just a hint on the sleeves or bodice to a full blown lace covered gown, I guess it just depends on how much you really love this stuff and how it will link in with the wedding theme and your maids. But fear not vintage lace can lend itself to every situation.

Not just have fun, go into this with the idea that you can have fun buying a vintage style wedding dress. You’re buying pretty lace/sparkles/layers of tulle/hot pink/pants/whatever you love and look hot in. And you’re buying for your wedding. You deserve to have some fun, lady.