Vintage Wedding Dresses is a Hot Trend

vintage wedding dressesMany women prefer to buy vintage wedding dresses because not only are these dresses cheaper than new dresses, but vintage wedding dresses are also unique and memorable. Vintage wedding dresses require simple tailoring for a perfect fit, and some vintage wedding dresses may require minor repairs, but a good tailor or seamstress can take even a weathered dress and make it look new. Every bride-to-be should consider vintage wedding dresses to fit her own personal style.

When Princess Diana got married at the start of the decade, her dress set the style for the next 10 years. The dress was larger than life: It had huge puffed sleeves, a full skirt with a long train, and elaborate beading, embroidery, and embellishments. Vintage wedding dresses in the 1980s had lots of volume and lots of details. For many brides, the over-the-top princess styles of 1980s vintage wedding dresses may be too much, but a creative bride and a good tailor can remove some of the excessive embellishments and find a stunning, shapely dress underneath.

Because of the volume of the dress, vintage wedding dresses from the 1980s work for brides of all body types: The large shoulders and large skirt will make any waist look small. Large, formal, and elegant weddings with a fairy tale theme will work well with these cheap vintage wedding dresses. Brides can accessorize with a tiara or other sparkling headpieces. Classic diamond or silver jewelry will accent the timelessness of these dresses.