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Discount Bridesmaid DressesHere’s how to find a destination wedding dresses that fits your wedding style perfectly.

You’ve decided on your wedding style, but now you’re having trouble finding the perfect gown. Follow these basic dos and don’ts to make sure the most affordable wedding gowns you’ll ever wear reflects your personal style.

Do: Tie your look to your wedding location. If you’re having a traditional ceremony with a formal reception, opt for a classic, timeless bridal dress (like an A-line or ball gown with a square neckline). Getting married outdoors in an afternoon garden ceremony? Consider a strapless sheath made of a light material like silk gazer. If you’re marrying in the sand on an exotic island, a flirty tea-length gown with festive shoes (or even barefoot!) is the ultimate nontraditional wedding attire.

Do let your personality show through accessories, but don’t let your jewelry overpower your ensemble.

Don’t: Let your wedding style dash your dreams of the perfect gown. If you have your heart set on fun, Victorian wedding dresses but you’re worried it’s not appropriate for your ceremony site, consider carrying a sash for a more demure look during your ceremony.

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