Can I Use a Plastic Bag to Protect Wedding Dress?

bridal gownsBrides often don’t think much about protecting their unique wedding dresses before their wedding ceremony. Is it a great way to protect a wedding dress with a plastic garment bag?

A plastic garment bag will provide a good barrier from spills and rain, and provide some protection from crushing the dress so it can stay more wrinkles free while transporting. But a plastic garment bag is not a good place to store a wedding dress for an extended period of time, even a few weeks could prove too long to store your dress. A plastic garment bag does not usually allow the fabric to breathe which is essential for the good condition of the dress Plastic will emit fumes that can cause a wedding dress to turn yellow. Hanging a dress for an extended period of time can cause the seams of the dress to stretch, especially for bridal gowns with long trains. There are breathable garment bags designed today for wedding dresses so they can be a better choice although they might not have some of the protection useful when transporting the dress barrier to spills.

So you can use a plastic garment bag to protect modest wedding dress when transporting, however, do not use it for long-tern wedding dress preservation.