How to Preserve Your Wedding Gowns?

unique wedding gownIf you would like to preserve your wedding gown for memory or give it to your daughter, you need to take special care in preserving your wedding dress once the wedding is over. This is the possible way to do with it.

The first step is to choose a trustworthy dry cleaner and have your wedding dresses and bridal accessories cleaned. Do this within six months of your wedding at the most. Once you get back your wedding gown, remove all the plastic. Fold the unique wedding dresses. Take acid free tissue paper or unbleached muslin and place between folds. Wrap the entire dress in the muslin and place in an acid-free box. Store the box in a dry, dark place. Avoid places with high humidity or high temperature swings. You will also need to air the wedding gown at least once a year. Also, refold the dress along different lines so that creases don’t develop.

This way, your unique wedding gown is a treasured keepsake that if properly cleaned and preserved, can last for years to come. So you can look at your dress whenever you like and even give it to your own daughter or niece for her wedding day.