Short Style Wedding Dress, Better Choice for Beach Wedding

beach wedding dressIf you’ve finally made up your mind to plan for a beach wedding, the next decision you need to make is what kind of bridal dress would you wear? Short dresses are a better choice.

The idea of your bridal train flowing along the sand may sound idyllic, but in reality it will be annoying. Getting sand trapped in your dress could easily damage it and make it look grubby on the photos. Shorter styles are popular for a beach wedding dress and a cocktail length or tea length dress can work really well. Some brides choose a varied length skirt, which is calf length at the back and knee length at the front to give a more bridal appearance without it dragging in the sand.

Beach weddings are more informal than indoor weddings making cocktail or a tea length wedding dresses acceptable. With these two choices, you won’t have to worry about sand in your dress.