Why Should We Clean and Store Wedding Dress Soon?

wedding dressCleaning and preserving your wedding dress bridal gown as soon as possible ensures that your gown remains in the best condition possible. However, the procrastination poses some serious risks to the gown:

Your dress may have noticeable stains from food or make-up, or the hemline may be soiled. Or your dress may look clean to you, but don’t be fooled, spills from alcoholic beverages or clear soda may dry clear, but oxidize with time, turn brown and become more difficult to remove later. Body perspiration may cause the dress lining to turn brittle over time. Your unique wedding gown needs to be cleaned in order to keep it in the best condition possible. Gowns kept in plastic gown bags are exposed to the most harmful environment possible plastic fumes. Most plastic gives off chemical fumes that cause the yellowing of bridal gowns. Some brides take the initiative to get their dress cleaned, but still leave their gown in the dry-cleaner’s plastic wrap or garment bag.

Ideally, your wedding dress should be cleaned and preserved within days or weeks of your wedding. Then your wedding gown can last for years to come that a younger sister will someday wear your gown.