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Right Wedding Dress to Flatter Plus Size Figure

A-line wedding dressKnowing the correct plus size wedding dress style for your body type can make a difference when it comes time for the plus-sized woman to purchase her wedding gown. So here are some tips to get you going.

Though alterations will ensure your dress fits, choosing a wedding gown that shows off your best assets will make sure it flatters. Trying to hide your hips? Go with a romantic empire waist gown or a strapless, full-skirted style. Want to suck it all in? A corseted ball gown is a great option to show off your bust, whittle your waist, and hide hips and thighs. And if you want to show off your curves (or create some), try a mermaid-style gown. A good bet for every body type: an A-line wedding dress, which fits at the bust and waist with a skirt that gently flares out from the hips.

Celebrate your biggest day in a unique wedding dress shape that will flatter your figure best.

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Wedding Tips to Preserve Your Wedding Gown

bridal gownAfter all the festivities are done and the celebration is complete, the new bride usually worries about the self-reflective question of what to do with her unique wedding dress.

The very first thing that you need to do is to clean it. Do not allow the stains which you may have gotten during the wedding reception to stay harder on the gown’s fabric making it tougher to erase them. Even for the professional cleaners, it has been said that any sugar based stain is one of the hardest to remove.

After your simple wedding dress has gone past through the cleaning and inspection stage, then you must proceed with the proper storage. Wedding gowns should not be put inside plastics or any vacuum sealed material. This is for the reason that when gasses are trapped right inside the enclosure, the gas buildup can cause further damage or the common yellowing effect. Boxes that come with cellophane are also not an ideal choice for storage. This can also cause moisture inside which might encourage the problem of mildew. The truth of the matter is that if your gown happens to be made of natural fibers then it needs to have sufficient space to breathe even in storage.

Unique wedding gowns should also be checked every five to seven years. This will help you protect it from aging and you can avoid the stains ahead of time. Wear white cotton gloves when you handle your gown so that you won’t deposit any finger oils to it. Such can cause oxidation and make stains appear on it.

Tips for Buying Plus Size Wedding Dress Online

plus size wedding dressesIt is a difficult task for full figure women to find best plus size wedding dresses. The Internet is a treasure trove of plus size wedding dresses. When browsing through plus size bridal dresses online, you are limited to pictures and descriptions of the products, the following are two important tips:

Use Size Charts

If the online store provides for a sizing chart, then better for your search for plus size wedding dress. You must use these charts together with your body measurements to determine which dress will fit you best. Of course, you will need to use a little imagination as well as your knowledge of how each textile falls and feels on the body before making the purchase.

Measure Up

Since online stores for wedding dresses often use various size specifications – what may be a size twelve in one store is a size fourteen in another, yes, it does happen – it is always better to take your measuring tape out. You can even ask your friendly neighborhood seamstress to help in getting the right measurements in the right places. This way, you can compare it with the measurements provided in the product description.

With these two tips, you ought to be able to find the unique wedding dress of your dreams through online shopping.

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Why Should We Clean and Store Wedding Dress Soon?

wedding dressCleaning and preserving your wedding dress bridal gown as soon as possible ensures that your gown remains in the best condition possible. However, the procrastination poses some serious risks to the gown:

Your dress may have noticeable stains from food or make-up, or the hemline may be soiled. Or your dress may look clean to you, but don’t be fooled, spills from alcoholic beverages or clear soda may dry clear, but oxidize with time, turn brown and become more difficult to remove later. Body perspiration may cause the dress lining to turn brittle over time. Your unique wedding gown needs to be cleaned in order to keep it in the best condition possible. Gowns kept in plastic gown bags are exposed to the most harmful environment possible plastic fumes. Most plastic gives off chemical fumes that cause the yellowing of bridal gowns. Some brides take the initiative to get their dress cleaned, but still leave their gown in the dry-cleaner’s plastic wrap or garment bag.

Ideally, your wedding dress should be cleaned and preserved within days or weeks of your wedding. Then your wedding gown can last for years to come that a younger sister will someday wear your gown.

Princess Wedding Dress — Ball gown

summer bridal gownsVarious types of summer bridal gowns are a big trouble for brides, but in fact there are only a few basic shapes.

Ball gown, this is truly the fairytale version of a wedding dress online. It is fitted on the upper body and has a full, bell shaped skirt that often features layers of tulle or a hoop so that the dress is as wide and swingy as possible. A ball gown can flatter a variety of figures if you choose the right one. Whether you are full figured, pear shaped or slender, a ball gown can look fabulous. If you are thin, keep the embellishments toned down so that the dress doesn’t overwhelm you. Even a petite bride can wear a ball gown as long as the skirt isn’t too heavy. Rich satins or heavy brocades can weight a petite figure down.

Now that ball gown wedding dress has so many advantages, why not take it into your first consideration, brides.

Help You Choose a Formal Beach Wedding Gown

beach wedding dress What is the best to wear for a formal beach wedding? The answer is the formal wedding dress which features a classic look on the bride and they are generally elaborate and ornate.

As we know, a wedding dress with a long train is really not convenient for you to walk along the beach. However, you may need one for a formal beach wedding. Long, flowing dresses may always look gorgeous on a bride wherever she decides to exchange vows. You can choose a mermaid style to show your stunning figure. Just keep in mind the special environment and make the good choices for the right fabrics. Chiffon is also the best choice. You can also choose lace wedding dresses to add you princess look. However, avoid all-lace look, which seems to be too heavy for a beach wedding.

Then, by your careful choice, a new fashionable, stunning and charming beach wedding dress will in your wardrobe and waiting for you.

How to accessorize your wedding attire Ⅱ

white wedding dress Wedding handbags are a must-have for every bride. So it’s important to choose a bridal purse that matches or complements your wedding dress, jewelry, tiara, and wedding shoes.

The handbag should be made of the same or similar material as your white wedding dress and have similar patterns and designs. If your dress has lace and white pearls, find a wedding purse decorated with lace and white pearls (or beads that resemble pearls). Choose a bridal handbag that fits your style and your figure. The handbag should be easy to handle and not too large. You don’t want to attract too much attention to your wedding purse. It shouldn’t stand out, but it should blend with your other attire. It should add a touch of elegance without dominating the reception photos.

Bridal handbag, actually, is only a “small potato”. It must be a supplemental element to the whole beauty of your wedding gown, as well as the general theme of your wedding.

How to Shop Modest Wedding Gowns Ⅰ

Modest wedding dressEach bride-to-be has a different feeling about her wedding dress, maybe you are the one who are fond of a modest look on your big day, here’s some advice for you.

Generally, there are five basic cuts available in the modest wedding dress style, namely, A-line, ball gown, empire waist, mermaid shape and sheath or column. Select the one which suits your body type the best. Jackets and skirts used for modest wedding gowns were designed elegantly to match the event. Some of them were also made from the same fabric used for conventional wedding gowns to make them look like actual wedding dresses suitable for women with this preference. They may also be lined with lace and other fabrics that complete their overall look for every wedding motif.

If you are a bride going for simple yet elegant, modest wedding dress is one for all.

Shinning Gold Bridal Gown

bridal gownIf you are not a big fan of choosing big and bold colors for your wedding dress, you can create a unique and fabulous color combination for your wedding gown.

In eastern cultures, the color of gold is considered a sacred color, and it has the highest reflective power than any other color. Color shades of gold are also able to grow warm. Gold cord, gold trim, silk and gold feathers and even gold are the rage in the bridal fashion week. If you want to find a wedding dress unusual or different from another, mix gold with your white wedding dress, even gold is just a little part of your gown, but it will shining all over the dress.

Gold is the second white; it will be great if you choose gold as your bridal gown’s color. You’ll be shining like gold!

Neutral-colored Wedding Dress

online wedding gownsInstead of sticking to traditional white or ivory, don’t you ever think about choosing other colors for your online wedding gowns, as a matter of fact, many brides are working on it.

There are some brides who do not want to look flashy and excessive limelight during the wedding ceremony, she wanted to appear calm and earthy with a neutral-colored wedding dress. Maybe black wedding gown is too heavy to wear and a white dress too flashy, so the right color to wear is gray. Gray wedding dress is the perfect choice for the modern bride who does want to look calmly elegant. From Fall 2012 runways, there are many designer sent down their gray-colored bridal gown such as Enzoani, Rivini, Tadashi Shoji and so on. They create their best design for its wedding color.

Learn more about bride’s gray moment, and decide if it would be right for your unusual wedding dress.