Princess Wedding Dress — Ball gown

summer bridal gownsVarious types of summer bridal gowns are a big trouble for brides, but in fact there are only a few basic shapes.

Ball gown, this is truly the fairytale version of a wedding dress online. It is fitted on the upper body and has a full, bell shaped skirt that often features layers of tulle or a hoop so that the dress is as wide and swingy as possible. A ball gown can flatter a variety of figures if you choose the right one. Whether you are full figured, pear shaped or slender, a ball gown can look fabulous. If you are thin, keep the embellishments toned down so that the dress doesn’t overwhelm you. Even a petite bride can wear a ball gown as long as the skirt isn’t too heavy. Rich satins or heavy brocades can weight a petite figure down.

Now that ball gown wedding dress has so many advantages, why not take it into your first consideration, brides.