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Tips Before Cleaning A Wedding Gown with Beads

unique wedding gownMost people do not consider the beads before cleaning wedding dresses. There are some tips on cleaning a wedding dress with beads.

The beads should be securely fastened before cleaning of the gown starts. The beads that are just glued on are most of the time result into softening when a usual solvent used by most cleaners are applied. To be more safe from any damage that may be done to your casual wedding dress, you can choose the cleaners who use Stoddard solvents instead. Ask the cleaner to test the beads too first before cleaning. He will do this by placing the bead in the solvent for around ten minutes and see if the enamel will be dissolved. If you both see that it leaves your bead with a not so clear finish after the test, then maybe it is just right for you to choose another cleaner who uses another kind of solvent.

Before you even decide to have your unique wedding dress cleaned by a particular cleaning service, you must be aware of all the possible damage it may cost your gown. Even after the cleaning, if you notice some damage or stains, then you must immediately discuss and settle this with the cleaner.

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Finding Your Perfect Wedding Dress

bridal wedding dressHow do you go about choosing the perfect wedding dresses for that special once in a lifetime day? Picking the best dress for your wedding day can be a daunting task!

The best place to start is with an open mind; if you focus on one style of unique wedding dress you limit what you look at and could potentially overlook the perfect dress. Starting with a few simple styles will help you narrow it down. Are you looking for something very traditional or more contemporary? Do you want a full length gown or knee length? Before you start shopping think about these few basic questions to ensure you don’t become so overwhelmed by the choice you have a full melt down in the shop. Try not to go for a bridal dress too far from your natural style and personality. Although it is nice to wear a wedding dress that totally transforms you, you want to be able to recognize yourself in the pictures, and of course feel comfortable on the day.

So choose a simple wedding dress that fits properly, flatters your figure and makes you feel like the beautiful bride that you are!

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How to Transport Your Wedding Dress?

unique wedding gownUnlike being at home, a little more thought and care needs to be taken in order to keep your unique wedding dress perfect while travelling to your destination wedding.

If you are flying, you can usually make arrangements with your airline in advance. First-class cabins have large coat closets that can be used for different wedding dresses storage. If they do not allow you to make these arrangements in advance, let the check-in attendant know you are carrying on your wedding dress and they can make special arrangements for you. If your plane does not have a first-class area, it is highly recommended that you package the dress in a large box and ship it to your destination in advance, carefully packed in tissue to hold its shape.

Once you reach your hotel, have your casual wedding dress lightly steamed. However, it’s still important to keep an eye on your dress once you’ve reached your location.

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Creative Use Your Dress after Wedding: Trash It

elegant wedding dress Trash the bridal dress photography session is becoming a popular way to create lasting memories through quirky photo shoots after the wedding. Would you consider it to do with your dress?

Whether you’re rocking your frock through mud or drowning your gown in the sea, you can use the photography session as a meaningful symbol of your everlasting love. Photographers offer a variety of trash the dress session too, so if you’d like the photo opportunity but are unsure about the lasting damage to your dress, you can control how far you go. You could get the groom involved for some shots of you both cuddling in the mud in your unique wedding gown, that’s true romance! Just be creative with it and see what ideas you can come up with.

Trash the Dress is a fabulous, fun shoot which gives you the chance to be creative with your elegant wedding dress after the big day. Do you want to be a part of the Trash the Dress project?

How Soon Is Too Soon for Shopping Wedding Dress?

unique wedding gownWhen should I buy the wedding gown? The answer is that it is important to find a dress early, but not too early! Here are the reasons why you should not buy your wedding dress too soon:

Even though you may be excited and want to get your dress right away, it may not be a good idea to get a dress 2 years before the date because you will need to store it which could be a pain if you’ve got a full skirt and a studio apartment! Also, know that if you choose a wedding dress bridal gown so early, a whole new wave of gowns will come out next year. What if you find something you like better? If you do decide to delay, you can plan to save money during the first year of your big day so that when the time comes, you can shop for your dream wedding dress without financial stress.

When to begin looking for your unique wedding gown is entirely up to you. The most important thing to remember is to choose something you love and will be happy in because this is your day!

Why Should We Clean and Store Wedding Dress Soon?

wedding dressCleaning and preserving your wedding dress bridal gown as soon as possible ensures that your gown remains in the best condition possible. However, the procrastination poses some serious risks to the gown:

Your dress may have noticeable stains from food or make-up, or the hemline may be soiled. Or your dress may look clean to you, but don’t be fooled, spills from alcoholic beverages or clear soda may dry clear, but oxidize with time, turn brown and become more difficult to remove later. Body perspiration may cause the dress lining to turn brittle over time. Your unique wedding gown needs to be cleaned in order to keep it in the best condition possible. Gowns kept in plastic gown bags are exposed to the most harmful environment possible plastic fumes. Most plastic gives off chemical fumes that cause the yellowing of bridal gowns. Some brides take the initiative to get their dress cleaned, but still leave their gown in the dry-cleaner’s plastic wrap or garment bag.

Ideally, your wedding dress should be cleaned and preserved within days or weeks of your wedding. Then your wedding gown can last for years to come that a younger sister will someday wear your gown.

How to Preserve Your Wedding Gowns?

unique wedding gownIf you would like to preserve your wedding gown for memory or give it to your daughter, you need to take special care in preserving your wedding dress once the wedding is over. This is the possible way to do with it.

The first step is to choose a trustworthy dry cleaner and have your wedding dresses and bridal accessories cleaned. Do this within six months of your wedding at the most. Once you get back your wedding gown, remove all the plastic. Fold the unique wedding dresses. Take acid free tissue paper or unbleached muslin and place between folds. Wrap the entire dress in the muslin and place in an acid-free box. Store the box in a dry, dark place. Avoid places with high humidity or high temperature swings. You will also need to air the wedding gown at least once a year. Also, refold the dress along different lines so that creases don’t develop.

This way, your unique wedding gown is a treasured keepsake that if properly cleaned and preserved, can last for years to come. So you can look at your dress whenever you like and even give it to your own daughter or niece for her wedding day.

How does Peplum Work in Bridal Gown?

unique wedding gown Peplum is a huge trend right now for unique wedding gown. So, how does peplum work in bridal gown then?

Some of you may fancy the ’80s look for walking down the aisle, but for those of you who don’t, all is not lost! Attached to bridal bodices, this look is not only embellishing mermaid style dresses this season, but also decorating wider skirts, in half peplums to one side. The best thing about this feature is that is adds decoration to a simple wedding dress, creating texture through the folds of the peplum, which as it sticks out or to the side, not only marks your shape but also adds volume to your look. So, with a peplum on your dress, you can go from edgy to pretty, depending on the style.

Spotted, as it accentuates the waist you really need a small waist and smooth lines to pull it off otherwise it would be a shapeless outfit and can highlight all the bits we may prefer to hide in your wedding dress.

Tips for Choosing a Christmas Wedding Dress

Christmas wedding dress

More and more couples have their event celebrated around the holiday. Christmas is a wonderful festival and a wedding ceremony on this day doubles the festive and pleasure. Choosing a classy and unique wedding dress must be the first thing for the bride to do.

A Christmas wedding dress needn’t be that different from any other kind. You could consider wearing a long white gown which could have faux fur around the trim. Or embrace the trend of color in wedding dresses by adding a beautiful red silk sash to the waist of your gown. You could also seek a dress with lots of sparkly beads and sequins to evoke the snowiness of the season. And of course, a faux-fur wrap and muff are always fun.

It is also charming if you will have a sparkly tiara to capture the Christmas spirit or have a simple headdress made of ivy and holly berries. Just to wear a wedding dress that flatters you most, that is the most important!

Basic Wedding Hairstyles

hair style

To match a beach theme wedding dress, hairstyles play an important role as well. To some degree, they have a mutual effect on each other. Different hairstyle will present a different feeling, and different dresses need to match different hairstyles.

Usually, long straight hair offers a sleek, traditional look. And a straight style and studded bobby pins will create a tiara effect without actually wearing a tiara. With this style, your hair will not obstruct details of the beach wedding attire. If brides have long and tousled curls, they can use a headband, tiara or decorative bobby pins to keep the hair out of the face. This hairstyle is mainly suitable for a casual wedding.

An updo hairstyle is suitable for various wedding styles. In particular, it is perfect for backless beach wedding dresses.