How to Transport Your Wedding Dress?

unique wedding gownUnlike being at home, a little more thought and care needs to be taken in order to keep your unique wedding dress perfect while travelling to your destination wedding.

If you are flying, you can usually make arrangements with your airline in advance. First-class cabins have large coat closets that can be used for different wedding dresses storage. If they do not allow you to make these arrangements in advance, let the check-in attendant know you are carrying on your wedding dress and they can make special arrangements for you. If your plane does not have a first-class area, it is highly recommended that you package the dress in a large box and ship it to your destination in advance, carefully packed in tissue to hold its shape.

Once you reach your hotel, have your casual wedding dress lightly steamed. However, it’s still important to keep an eye on your dress once you’ve reached your location.

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