Complementary Colors for Spring Wedding

elegant bridesmaid dressesThere are a lot of wedding accents that can color coordinate with your discount bridesmaid dresses. Draw inspiration from the spring or theme of your wedding.

Spring weddings often feature pastel colors. Think of tulips, daffodils, lilacs and other spring flowers for unique bridesmaid dresses. Green grass and Easter colors are another source of inspiration. Green and purple are complementary colors and look fresh and elegant when paired with white. Think of tables set with white linens and bouquets of white tulips and lilacs. These colors also work with either silver or gold. Avoid dark colors like black and navy. Pink is appropriate but do not combine it with light blue tones, as it could resemble a baby shower. The same goes for pink and purple because the scheme is too childlike. Stick to a more sophisticated palette. Gold and lilac, pink and green, and aqua and orange are all complementary color pairings.

When paired with the right tones, you will end up with fresh and stunning complementary tones that will spice up your ceremony, as well as the wedding dress styles.

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