Creative Use Your Dress after Wedding: Trash It

elegant wedding dress Trash the bridal dress photography session is becoming a popular way to create lasting memories through quirky photo shoots after the wedding. Would you consider it to do with your dress?

Whether you’re rocking your frock through mud or drowning your gown in the sea, you can use the photography session as a meaningful symbol of your everlasting love. Photographers offer a variety of trash the dress session too, so if you’d like the photo opportunity but are unsure about the lasting damage to your dress, you can control how far you go. You could get the groom involved for some shots of you both cuddling in the mud in your unique wedding gown, that’s true romance! Just be creative with it and see what ideas you can come up with.

Trash the Dress is a fabulous, fun shoot which gives you the chance to be creative with your elegant wedding dress after the big day. Do you want to be a part of the Trash the Dress project?