Turn Your Wedding Dress into a Family Heirloom after the Wedding

bridal dressFrom the budgeting and the shopping to the bridal gowns, so much time and energy gets spent on this one special garment. But what to do with your wedding dress after the wedding?

Instead of leaving your unique wedding dress to hang lifelessly in your wardrobe, you could try turning it into something that will be cherished forever. Perhaps it could be used to wrap another family member’s bouquet of flowers in when they get married, or they could sew part of it into their wedding dress. If you have babies in the family, or there’s one on the way, why not sew parts of your dress into a blanket? Then you can wrap your baby in a symbol of your love. This is an item that can be passed down through generations and will always tell the story of your special day.

What are your plans after your wedding? Now on to you guy, any more ideas on things you could do with your bridal dress after the wedding?