Wedding Dress Ideas for the Older Bride: Can I Wear White?

white bridal dressIf you are a mature bride of more than 40 years old, it is no doubt that you want a wedding dress bridal gown that you will look fantastic and feel comfortable.

The question many older brides seem to ask themselves is whether they’re allowed to wear white on their wedding day. The simple answer is of course you can. The idea of brides wearing white bridal wedding dress has taken on new significance and is no longer synonymous with virginity, but rather about celebration and joy, not to mention new beginnings. So if you want to look as fresh as a daisy then opt for white. Wear what makes you feel comfortable, attractive and the most bridal.

Also, white bridal dress is not off limits simply because a woman has children. These days it’s the color of celebration and you certainly have something to celebrate!