Choosing a Wedding Gown for Your Skin Tone

bridal dressDo you have to wear white? No! But color does count! Make sure the color of your wedding gown compliments your skin tone. Here are some tips that would help you make the best choice:

More and more brides are going against tradition and wearing color wedding dresses. Few brides go for the pure white wedding dress, because if you don’t have the correct skin coloring, it can make you look pasty and be a disaster. Off-white, ivory or creams are easier to wear for most skin tones. More women are choosing dramatic reds, soft pinks and lilacs or pale gold, which would make you stand-out. If you do go for bold color, keep the detail to a minimum. What’s most important is to choose the one that makes your skin look gorgeous.

Choosing the right bridal dress color can enhance a woman’s appearance and flatter your skin tone is what will really make you stand out on the big day.