Color Block – Make Your Wedding Colorful

wedding dress Color blocking, it is the hottest trend for this season, so why not put some color to your wedding to highlight your unusual wedding dress.

Color blocking involves combining blocks of bright, solid colors (often mixed with black or white) for a bold and graphic result. Pick 2-3 blocks of colors that pair well together according to the color wheel. You don’t need to use the blocking everywhere, use it in doses. Every dash of color counts! Use it to make a statement at the escort card table, in your flower arrangements, on your invitations, and it never hurts to add a pop of color with your shoes or beach bridesmaid dresses. Ignite your senses and that of your guests with just enough color to be swooned not overwhelmed.

If you choose your colors wisely, you can also add a pop of color to your theme wedding dresses. For those of you who aren’t afraid of color, just using this trend for your wedding!