Colors for Bridesmaid Dresses

black bridesmaid dressesWhen you are planning for the upcoming wedding, the color scheme for the wedding is quite important to settle on. Your discount bridesmaid dresses should generally stick to the color scheme. Here are some guidelines when choosing the color for the bridesmaid dresses.

1 Season. If it’s a spring or summer wedding, choose light colors or pastels. In case your wedding is going to be held in the autumn or winter, apply for darker colors like black bridesmaid dresses or grey bridesmaid dresses.

2 Time. In the day, lighter colors perform best. If it’s a late afternoon or an evening wedding, you’d better choose darker colors for bridesmaid dresses.

3 Dress code. Most weddings are formal, as well as in these events, darker colors will often work best. When the wedding is casual, you’ll be able to go for lighter colors; pink bridesmaid dresses are a good choice.

4 Venue. For garden weddings in fall, apply for earth or neutral colors such as orange, brown, green or gold bridesmaid dresses. For any beach wedding, you are able to choose something that goes with the color of sand, for example the blue bridesmaid dresses.

5 Bridesmaids physique. Bright colors are probably not too flattering on the full figured woman. Colors which are too dark might wash the skin color of girls with pale complexions.

Ask your bridesmaids for their preference. Should you already have a color in mind, request their feedback. You are able to adjust each casual bridesmaid dresses based on their preference as you can lighten or darken their dress a little.