How to Wear Corset Back Lace Wedding Dresses

lace wedding dressesDo you love the corset back lace wedding dresses and formals, but don’t like the idea of lacing it up? Corset back lace wedding dresses don’t have a zipper. They have loops and a lacing cord, usually make of the same fabric as the dress. Underneath is a modesty panel, a solid panel that snaps in with clear snaps to hide your back and bra. Wearing the modesty piece is optional, if you have bra cups sewn into the lace wedding dresses, you may not want to wear the piece underneath. The modesty piece may be in two pieces. The lower piece is sewn in on one side and snaps on the other side. This piece covers the hip and low waist area so it hides your behind and the top of your optional crinoline. The top piece snaps in or out. If your lace wedding dresses are strapless, the modesty piece is boned to stay up. Line up the lacings so that they are even.

If you are wearing the modesty piece in the lace wedding dresses, have someone snap it inside the lace wedding dresses. If the lace wedding dresses have an inner elastic waist band, attach the band and adjust for comfort and make sure it hits at the waist line. Start lacing the lace wedding dresses at the TOP of the bodice. Have the person wearing the lace wedding dresses put their hands at their waistline and push back toward the lacing, but not enough to distort the fit of the top. This will make the lace wedding dresses stay in place and your waist look smaller. Lace the gown and tighten the laces as you lace it down.

There you go, professional tips to making getting into your elegant lace wedding dresses easier and faster!