Shopping wedding dress-What to Expect

To assist you on the quest for your dream wedding dress,And what can you expect once you get there? For the lowdown, read on!

When you get to the bridal salon, a specific salesperson will be assigned to you. You will work with this person every time you return to the store. A good salesperson will ask you what type of wedding you’re having, how you envision yourself looking on your wedding day, and what kinds of wedding dresses you’re drawn to. She will also probably check you out and decide for herself what sweddingtyle will look good on you based on your body type, and then she’ll bring you wedding gowns to try on. If you’re uncomfortable with this, try to find a shop where you will be free to look through everything for yourself.

From the moment you enter the salon, be mindful of the way you’re being treated and of the way the salespeople are making you feel. Are they treating you respectfully? Or are they acting haughty? If it’s the latter you may want to take your business elsewhere. This is where all the knowledge you’ve armed yourself with will come in handy. If you can talk expertly about wedding dress silhouettes and styles, the salesperson will know she’s dealing with an informed consumer. Take advantage of a salesperson’s expertise. She works with brides every day — if anyone knows about bridal dresses, she does. Bounce ideas off of her, and consider her advice. If anyone tries to talk you out of or into something, or makes you feel uncomfortable about your decisions, remember that a good salesperson will never push you to buy something you’re unsure about.

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