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couture wedding dress

Dress Sash for Wedding Dress

wedding sashes Wedding sashes could instantly add the perfect personal touch to your bridal ensemble. There is variety of dress sashes ensures every bride is able to find the perfect finishing touch for her wedding dress.

Rhinestone covered sashes are an extremely popular choice for bride’s wishing to add sparkle and shine to their bridal look. Beaded sashes attract attention to the couture wedding dress and highlight its beauty, while adding the sparkle a bride desires. Like icing on a cake, a beaded covered sash is the perfect finish to any dress, no matter what the style. Sashes are also a great way to incorporate a pop of color into a bride’s look, while still keeping the traditional white dress. In recent years, solid colored sashes made of satin or organza has grown in popularity.

Both of the options add drama and color, while allowing a bride to personalize her dress. Just looking for a bridal sash to match the unique wedding dress on the big day!

Dresses for Ceremony and Reception

reception dress

Many brides like to follow the trend of celebrities that prefer to wear two elegant dresses, one is ceremony dress, and the other is reception dress.

No matter which kind of unusual wedding dresses and how many you dresses will wear, it is important for brides to be comfortable and confident on the big day. Therefore, select a dress that highlights your individual figure, emulates your personal style and most importantly, makes you feel good. If it is possible, brides can wear one bridal dress that is available at two occasions.

Will you be one of them that prepare reception dresses separately? Hope you enjoy your wedding.

Customized or Couture Wedding Dresses

couture wedding dress

Modern brides have a wide selection in wedding dresses.  Then will you choose a custom wedding dress or couture wedding dresses?

Different people have different opinion about it. Some believe that custom made wedding dresses can be designed as one-of-a-kind gowns for the special day. They are processed depending on ones’ personality and body shape, so that these customized bridal gowns will express personality to the greatest extent. By contrast, it will take more time to get the ideal dresses.

Others prefer couture wedding dress to customized wedding gowns. They could easily find out what they like from the huge selection at less expensive prices. If someone doesn’t have a unique wedding theme, they think that they needn’t order custom made dresses.

Guest Dresses For an Afternoon Wedding

destination wedding dressThe overall color theme of a wedding is pastel from bride’s destination wedding dress to the decoration of wedding venue. Then, some guests often have difficulty in selecting their dresses, especially for an afternoon wedding with evening reception.

Generally, guests can wear semi-formal evening wear to attend the wedding. Dark suits are suitable for male guests and female guests can wear cocktail dresses. Also, some people wonder if they could wear black dresses. It can be allowed as long as they wear semi-formal dresses. What we do is to highlight the informal wedding dresses gowns.

If both wedding ceremony and reception party is held in the afternoon, guests can wear light colored dresses. For female guests, they can wear summer dresses to match cool Hawaiian wedding dress.

The Secrets of Wearing Wedding Veils

destination wedding gownFor most women, they dream of wearing their ideally vintage wedding dresses in the future even they are just a little girl. To collocate with bridal dresses, brides usually wear veils. Why do most brides wear wedding veils?

According to some historians, the facial veil was firstly invented by men in order to keep the single and married women alike hidden from other men. To some degree, it is a symbol of modesty, and represents some elegance and intrigue as time goes on. In some regions, women are still expected to cover her face when going outside. In other regions, veil is worn on wedding day and fits destination wedding gown best.

Now, wedding veils add a sense of mystery to brides and highlight casual beach wedding dresses.

Classic Silhouettes of Bridal Dresses- A-line

simple summer wedding dressesEnjoying a wide popularity among brides, A-line wedding dress has been incorporated into more stylish elements.

As its name indicates, A-line bridal dress creates an “A” shape, which means the narrow bodice and outer edges of the wide skirt. It can have a lower or higher seam at the waist than the natural waistline. Moreover, the close-fitting bodice may be strapless or have any style of necklines. A-line dresses are thought to be simple summer wedding dresses.

Simplicity is the uniqueness of the A-line dresses. And they can be casual wedding gowns for romantic wedding venue or formal gowns for a traditional church wedding.

Romantic Appearance of Brides-Added Gloves

custom designed wedding dressesMany brides prefer gloves to add some romantic elements to their appearances. The style of gloves should flatter both your custom wedding gown and look.

There is a wide selection of gloves and brides need to choose them depending on the style and designs of their custom designed wedding dresses. But you should notice that gloves can enable wedding ring to slip to your ring finger easily. Comparatively, shorter gloves are easier to remove during the wedding reception for eating.

These gloves are commonly seen in formal weddings in order to highlight elegant wedding dresses and the dignity of wedding scene.

Choose One Bridal Gown for Dual-purposes

unusual wedding dressesOne bride tends to don two wedding dresses on her special day, one is for the wedding ceremony, and the other is for bridal party. All the brides like the feeling of creating different images by changing up wedding dresses.

However, two unusual wedding dresses are a little pricey, and not everyone can afford them. In the coming spring, creative bridal gowns can be worn for the both two occasions. The dresses have an easy zipper or button, which can make dresses go from long to short. They’re economical as well as fashionable.

For brides who expect to have two fairy wedding dresses, dresses for dual-purposes can be an affordable selection. On your big day, it can also enable brides to look charming and keep other a close eye on you.

Free Makeup is OK on Your Wedding Day

couture wedding dressOn your wedding day, it’s important to have good makeup at least suit your vintage wedding dress.

If you’re not clear about what makeup to wear for your wedding and can’t afford a professional makeover, you might as well go to your local department store cosmetics counters. They usually do free makeovers and will offer you application techniques and right colors. Then practice your makeover before you wear couture wedding dress finally.

Have these preparations in advance, you will get pretty look to go together harmoniously with your wedding dress.

How to Care for Your Wedding Dress after the Big Day

couture wedding dress

Preserving your wedding dress can be a fairly straightforward process, and making sure that you are careful can ensure that you will enjoy your couture wedding dress for years.

Storing your wedding dress appropriately is an important part of making sure that it stays in good condition. Wrap the unique wedding dress in muslin fabric or in acid free tissue paper. Then it should be loosely folded and placed in a museum-quality, acid free box.

These boxes can be ordered online or bought at wedding dress stores. Keep the box itself in a location that is cool and dry, and where the temperature and the humidity do not fluctuate too much.