Spring 2013 Wedding Dress Trends – Transformers

Wedding DressesMost brides can’t afford to buy two wedding dresses, one for ceremony and one for the reception, but you can see the exciting trend for solving the above problem at NYC 2013 Bridal Fashion Week.

With more brides than ever calling for second party dresses, designers are responding to this trend by offering a collection of transformer wedding gowns with convertible styles that use removable skirts, trains, and capes to create a distinct reception look. “Think about how heavy your dress is going to be walking down the aisle, because some women really want to be able to move and run around later,” says Leonard. “What we’re seeing now is something for the ceremony and something for the reception that you can buy all at once. It works as an outfit that you peel away.”

“You are getting two wedding dresses for the price of one!” it’s really exciting news for brides with a small budge on their wedding.