Spring 2013 Wedding Dress Trends – Lace Nouveau

lace wedding dress Many brides have a love relationship with lace which is definitely a stunning accent to your wedding dress and gives you a romantic feel to your wedding.

For 2013 Bridal Fashion Week, Duchess Kate’s royal wedding gown proved its influence after almost every collection this season showed some variation on lace — albeit unlike anything your grandmother would have worn. This graphic, floral fabric felt fresher than ever, re-worked into sexy silhouettes with a dash of tradition. “There’s something about lace that pushes back on the technology – driven society we live it,” Leonard notes. “It’s soft. It’s romantic. It takes us away.”

Dress with lace is so romantic and trendy, so regardless of having an all lace wedding dress or just having your dress feature lace sleeves or back are all beautiful details to incorporate this trend.